How to Buy?

Just click on the “Buy” button before the offer ends and make your payment through the available options. You will need to state your option (if there is any) to choose for self-collection or delivery. It is compulsory that you register with dealme with a valid email account as it is a requirement to buy a deal. Once you have bought the deal, dealme will email you the docket. The docket contains your contains the delivery and/or self collection dates and the address of the merchant where you need to self collect.

Is dealme safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic payment gateway. Your credit card information or other payment details will not be stored on our servers at any time.

Do I have to use my dealme docket on the same day?

There will be a delivery and self-collection dates stated for each deal. You may pickup your purchase anytime within the validity period. However, if you have chosen your item to be delivered, there is no need to present the docket.

How do I redeem my deal?

To enjoy your deal, just print out the deal docket, which will bear a unique code for identification, and present it to the merchant to enjoy your deal within the validity period.

When will I receive my dealme Docket?

You will receive an email with your dealme docket immediately after you have bought a deal. However, you can only self-collect or receive your item during the delivery/self collection period.

When can I start using my dealme Docket?

You can start using your dealme docket anytime during the delivery and/or self-collection period. The delivery and/or self-collection period of each deal will be printed clearly on your docket.

What if I accidently delete or misplace my dealme Docket?

You can reprint any unused dealme Docket by logging into your account and clicking on the “Certificates” tab.

When will I receive my item?

Your item will be delivered to you within the delivery period stated on the Fine Print tab on each deal and the docket. Once the delivery period starts, it may take 1 to 14 working days for you to receive the item. If you have purchase more than one item at the same time, you may receive them at different times.

What is the refund process? How long do I wait for a cash refund?

If you are not satisfied with your dealme purchase, we will refund 100% of your cash purchase. 100% cash refund does not include your usage of the dealme credit rebates. However, please note under this policy, dealme does not generally permit the return of, or offer refunds for:

  • Refund requisition is made after the redemption period in any circumstances or reasons
  • Services-Pickup from merchants / partners with result of either unsatisfactory or satisfactory
  • Good were not returned within 14 days of purchase

If you would like to request for a refund, just write to support[at]dealme.my anytime or call us at 03-9134 7360.
Depending on how you originally paid for your purchase, these are the time it takes to process your cash refund:

  • PayPal Payments: 14 - 21 working days
  • Credit Card Purchases: 14 - 21 working days
  • Online Banking and All Other Methods: 14 - 21 working days
  • dealme Credits: 3 - 7 working days 

What if I photocopy my dealme docket and distributed it?

Because the redemption code is unique, the docket can only be redeemed once and is no longer valid thereafter.

My name is on the deal docket. Can I still use it as a gift?

It will depend on the terms and conditions of the deal offered by the merchant. Look out for whether it is limited to just one person or if it is transferrable.

Can I split the value of the deal into 2 or 3 visits?

No. Unless it is otherwise stated you will not gain credit or cash back for any remaining unused amount. Why not just share the deal and bring more of your friends?

What happens if the business that offered the deal closes down?

In the unlikely event that it happens, we will ensure that you get fully refunded.